Gnu Emacs Cheatsheet as a desktop background

I vaguely recall I used to have a Unix / Emacs commands wallpaper once as my background desktop. I haven't been able to find it again. It's been a while since I have used Emacs. For about a year I've been mostly using Vim and before that mainly Netbeans and gedit. Now I'm getting back to Emacs and will try to use it in all my work for at least as long as I have with Vim. Then we shall see which I like best.

It's been a week I've used Emacs and so far I like it. I moved the control key to the "Caps Lock" key, which is much easier on the wrists than the regular modern control key position. Here is the wiki page about it:

Remembering all the keys in Emacs can be tough, but it is fair to say it is almost as hard to learn the keys and commands in Vim. As a solution, I made a desktop background with most of the GNU Emacs reference card to remember key bindings both at work and home. Thought I'd add some kind of gnu to it and rich golden colors. The dimensions are 1366 x 768, and so it is optimized for a 15.6" screen.

Click to download:

Gnu Emacs Cheatsheet desktop background